Stem Talks

Stem Talks

National Science Week
August 2018

Showcasing the communication of science innovation and cutting edge research

A group of leading Monash scientists will share brief insights into the challenges they face when undertaking cutting edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) research.

Each speaker will tell stories from their research tackling some of the most pressing problems of the twenty first century. Their accounts will help to demonstrate that engaging in science is seldom formulaic or prescriptive, but can be exciting, creative, and often highly rewarding.

STEM Talks


National Science Week, August, 2018


Monash University
Clayton Campus


Coming soon...
Details about our exciting new line-up for 2018 STEM Talks will be available closer to August.

In the meantime get your STEM Talks fix by watching our videos from previous years - from autonomous vehicles, space geometry and new technology inovations to using maths to solve the Rubiks cube.

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Registrations for 2018 STEM Talks will be opening soon.