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2000 Conference Papers: Mobilising Resources for Lifelong Learning

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The National Training Reform Agenda 1987-1996: Points of difficulty in a partial transformation
Annely Aeuckens, AusIndustry

Financing VET to promote lifelong learning
Gerald Burke, CEET

Stop Press! The latest International developments in measuring and reporting intangibles in enterprises and their links to lifelong learning
Fran Ferrier, CEET

What has training got to do with business strategy?
Sonnie Hop kins & Leo Maglen, CHRDT & CEET

Youth Pathways and lifelong learning
Phillip McKenzie, ACER & CEET

Galvanising commitment to lifelong learning through strategic partnerships
Denis Ralph, Centre for Lifelong Learning and Development, Adelaide  

Dinosaurs in a brave new world? Apprenticeships and traineeships in the age of lifelong learning
Kaye Schofield, RCVET

Provider practices and the Frontline Management Initiative
Chris Selby Smith, CEET; Ian Roos, CHRDT; & Liz Wright, Community Services & Health ITB

Theory to practice/generic skills/lifelong learning: the connection
Irene Tempone, SUT and Elaine Martin, RMIT

There was no conference held in 1999

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