Before the exam

Check with your lecturer if the exam is open book or closed, and which items you are permitted to bring into the exam.

Authorised items

You may be allowed to bring specific items to your exam, but check beforehand. These usually include:

  • your student ID card
  • authorised items
  • personal items in a closed bag that can be placed under your desk.

Unauthorised material

Depending on the type of exam, there are items that you're not allowed to use.

Closed bookOpen book

  • books
  • notes
  • paper
  • pencil cases
  • calculators
  • electronic devices (includes mobile phones, smart watches, electronic dictionaries)
  • other items

  • calculators
  • electronic devices (includes mobile phones, smart watches, electronic dictionaries)
  • other items


Only some types of calculators may be permitted. You are responsible for checking for any restrictions with your faculty. The following faculties may restrict the type of calculators authorised for use:

  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Science.

Refer to your unit outline to check:

  • if any calculator restrictions apply
  • where and when to get a security sticker to identify an authorised calculator.

Exam clashes

You will usually:

  • sit both exams on the same day
  • have to stay in the venue under supervision over the lunch-time break
  • be allowed to study during the break between exams (excludes use of electronic devices)
  • not be allowed to use a mobile phone.

At the exam venue

Unauthorised material

Supervisors will regard any material or item on your desk, chair, or person to be in your possession.

Possession of unauthorised materials in an exam is a discipline offence.

Mobile phones and smart watches

If bringing in a mobile phone or smart watch, you must switch these devices off (including the alarm) and place them in your bag under the desk.


You must remove your watch from your wrist before the start of the exam and place it on your desk. Smart watches are treated the same as mobile phones, see above.

Food and drink

We prefer that you don't bring food or drink into the exam as it could disrupt others. However, if necessary, you can bring a snack and a drink, at the discretion of the invigilators. Do not bring food that has a strong smell or is noisy to consume. Everything must be put on your desk to be inspected. Water is provided at all exam venues.

Entry to the exam

Supervisors will let you into the exam room a few minutes before the exam starting time. Go directly to your pre-allocated seat (see venues and allocated seating) and put your student ID card on your desk. 

If you arrive more than one hour late, we may not permit you to enter except under exceptional circumstances.

Exam reading time

Once all students are seated, you will be given your exam paper. Some venues may have your exam paper on your table. Make sure you get the correct exam paper.

Follow all instructions given by the supervisor in charge of the venue. All Monash University exams have a standard, either:

  • a 10-minute reading/settling period
  • a 30-minute reading and noting time.

During the exam

Do not communicate in any way with other students. Do not to draw attention to yourself by looking at other students or around the room. The supervisors will not allow you to leave:

  • until one hour after the exam has started
  • during the last 10 minutes.

If you enter an exam on the wrong day or at the wrong time, you need to remain there for one hour after the exam starts. You are not given extra time if you turn up for an exam at the wrong time or place.

If you need to go to the rest room, raise your hand in the air. Stay in your seat until you get permission from a supervisor.

Your handwriting must be legible. Number all answers and complete cover pages during the time allowed for writing.

Dos and don'ts for exam success

At the end of the exam

The supervisors will give a warning ten minutes before the end of the exam. After this time, they will give an instruction to stop writing. You must stay in your seat until all papers are collected then the supervisor will give you permission to leave.

You must not remove any exam paper or script book from the exam venue.