We aspire to be known internationally for our uncompromising pursuit of quality. We aim to:

  • support students to achieve their full potential
  • advance research
  • lead teaching and learning
  • build for the future
  • prepare for change.

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We're making a difference

We have an ambitious program of research and education that expands and enriches lives.

It’s a program of spirit and discovery that aims to improve the human condition.

Our scholarships, bursaries and grants give our brightest students the essential support needed in order for them to gain the most from their studies. Help students lead, achieve and succeed by supporting: 

  • the Achieving Potential Fund
  • the Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program
  • faculty student support initiatives.

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Educating future leaders

Where you’ve come from should not determine where you’re going.

Together, with your support, we can help give those who’ve earned their place at Monash University an equal chance to succeed.

Opening up a world of opportunities...


Our development team is working with esteemed volunteers to support our major building program.


Building for the future

New, state-of-the-art facilities open up possibilities for advanced education, teaching and technology.

Gifts of all sizes help transform lives

By working with donors, our team supports researchers and students within each of our 10 faculties so that Monash can continue to make a substantial difference to the lives of people around the world.

You can choose to support a range of services, centres and institutes across our University community.


Adventurous spirit

The Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) at Caulfield campus has a vision to become an international centre of excellence in the research and collection, promotion and presentation of contemporary visual art.

The team at MUMA is forward-looking in its support of new art and ideas.

With your generous support, we can transform lives across the world.

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Support the Monash University 2015 Annual Giving program.

Make a difference where it matters

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