Eligibility to graduate

After you complete your course, graduation is not automatic. You need to apply and your managing faculty has to confirm that you are qualified to graduate.

Completing your course

After the official results release for your final semester, your course will be recorded as completed, provided you have met all requirements. If enrolled in a double degree, you need to have met all requirements for both courses.

Once your faculty processes your course completion, your academic record will show course completion and list your major specialisation(s).

When to apply to graduate

To graduate at the earliest possible date, you need to apply in your final semester. You don't need to wait until your results are released to apply. Your application will be stored in the system until your records confirm that you are course completed.

Checking your eligibility

After you apply to graduate, we use the student records system to check that you are course completed. If your records confirm this, we will process your application and assign you a graduation date and ceremony.

If you are not qualified to graduate, we will advise you. You should then direct all enquiries to your faculty or teaching department. If your faculty doesn't record that you have completed your course before your allocated ceremony, your application will be postponed to the next faculty ceremony.

If you have completed summer semester units, you are generally not able to graduate in first semester.

Graduate with a lesser degree (alternative exit)

If you don't complete a degree you may be eligible to accept a lesser award e.g. diploma, graduate certificate.

Past students

Once you have completed your course requirements, you can apply to graduate anytime. You can access the system to apply, track progress or make changes online, using your name, student ID and date of birth to login.

Next steps