University Legislation

The Monash University Calendar consists of the legislation governing Monash University.

All legislation is drafted and maintained by the University Solicitor's Office Further queries regarding legislation or requests for amendments should be directed to:

Instructions for creation or amendment of a statute or regulation should always be provided in dot points or other explanatory form.  Do not attempt to draft the proposed legislation or amendments.  It is far more difficult to draft legislation than is often supposed and when instructions are framed in this form, it can be difficult to discover all that a faculty or area wishes to achieve and consequently, far more likely that the final legislation will be flawed.

Monash University Act 2009 (Vic)

To view the most up-to-date copy of the Monash University Act 2009 (Vic) go to and follow these steps: 

  • click on "Victoria Law Today"
  • select "Acts" and "M"
  • scroll down to "Monash University Act 2009"
  • click on the PDF or word icon

The Monash University Act 2009 is an Act of the Victorian Parliament and establishes the University.

Current Statutes and Regulations

A statute is a primary legislative instrument, made under the Monash University Act 2009, by the Council of Monash University. A regulation is a legislative instrument made under a statute. Generally, regulations set out the procedural aspects and specific process details of the subject matter described in the governing statute. At Monash University, Regulations can be made (depending on the governing Statute) by:

  • The Council;
  • The Academic Board; or
  • The Vice-Chancellor and President.

Revoked Statutes and Regulations

Over time, statutes and regulations are often amended and in some cases are revoked entirely. When a statute or regulation is revoked, it may continue to operate for a set period of time to allow for transition to the arrangements under the new statute or regulation (if any). This link does not provide a complete list of all revoked statutes and regulations, but rather the statutes and regulations which continue to operate in some way, because of the transition arrangement.


After a statute or regulation is made, it is promulgated on this site. The date of promulgation is the date the statute or regulation takes effect, unless the statute or regulation states otherwise. Statutes and regulations will remain on the promulgation site for 14 days.