Kisah terror ‘G.30.S’ , seri ke II: dokumen-dokumen Gestapu [Story of the terror of G30S: Gestapu documents]. (Padang, Indonesia : Srana Dwipa, 1966)


On 30 September 1965, an attempted coup involving members of the Presidential guard resulted in the murder and mutilation of six top army generals. The precise details of this event, which is most commonly referred to as G30S (Gerakan [Movement of] 30 September), are still unclear, but the coup was blamed on the communists and subsequently led to the massacre by the army, local militias and vigilantes of well over half a million Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) members and supporters and the imprisonment or exile without trial of tens of thousands of others to Buru Island, in Maluku province, and elsewhere. The PKI was banned and communism was outlawed both as a movement and a doctrine.  Since the end of the Suharto regime in 1998, the taboo over this period in Indonesia’s history and the stigma attached to former political prisoners have begun to be lifted. 

This anonymous pamphlet purports to provide documentary proof not just that the PKI carried out the coup but that their preparations for it dated back fifteen years to 1950. The term Gestapu was an alternative name for G30S (Gerakan September TigAPUluh) and deliberately alluded to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. The pamphlet comes from the Southeast Asia Pamphlet collection.

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