Sukarno (1901-1970)


Marhaenism, ever upward, never go down! : amanat gemblengan presiden Sukarno pada pendidikan Kader Pelopor Marhaenis pada tanggal 24 dan 25 Maret 1965 di Basketball-Hall Gelora “Bung Karno” Senajan. (Djakarta : Tema, 1965)

Sukarno, the first President of the Indonesian Republic, was a charismatic leader with a revolutionary bent. He was renowned for his fiery speeches and impassioned, inspirational rhetoric.  In this speech, Sukarno presents his social vision of Marhaenism. Marhaenism was a term coined by Sukarno to refer to the Indonesian economic system of many poor farmers, who owned their own land and farming tools but were not of a privileged class. The word is derived from Marhaen, supposedly the name of a poor farmer who Sukarno met while cycling through the countryside. 

The Southeast Asia Pamphlet collection contains a large number of speeches by Sukarno, the first President of the Indonesian Republic. 

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