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Rare Books Exhibition

Die Bucher der Kunstler

1997 May - June

This German exhibition, sponsored in Australia by the Goethe-Institut, is a travelling exhibition touring the world. From Monash it will be going on to New Zealand, so this is your last chance to see it.

It shows a great range of artists books currently being produced by young German artists. The genre of the "livre d'artiste", or "artist's book" is a very popular one in the US, Britain, Europe and Australia. It is the result of an artist looking at the conventions of book production and seeing what can be done within them. Often the conventions are stretched in some way, typically by using materials which make a statement about the book's content, and producing a concept.


Virtual Exhibition

One of the books on display includes a packet of Bromo-Seltzer and a large cracker. It represents a memory of a "Happening".

The importance of this exhibition is that it gives Australian exponents of this art form the opportunity to look at examples of what is currently fashionable on the Continent.

We have in the Rare Book Collection here at Monash some examples of "livres d'artistes", mainly produced by Australian artists.

There is a large, heavily illustrated catalogue to the exhibition produced in Germany. It is for sale at $20.00 a copy.

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>> Exhibition catalogues are available, free of charge, from the Rare Books information desk

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