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Rare Books Exhibition

Travellers in the Far East

17 June to 20 August 1999

This exhibition includes works from the 16th to the early 20th century, from Marco Polo to "Chinese" Morrison. There are 17th and 18th century maps of the area, and photographic albums from the 1890s.

The area covered is from the "Far-East", from India to China and Japan. Among the highlights are several books on the Earl of Macartney's mission to China in 1792 to 1794, including a colour-plate book The Costumes of China. There are books on South-East Asia from the early 19th century by Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, and "Rajah" Brooke. There are many more famous or not so famous names represented, all with their stories to tell of the unwesternised-East.

Virtual Exhibition.   You may also read the text of the catalogue online.

Hand coloured plate : The costumes of China.

We have early guide books, and illustrated children's books set in the "mysterious east", as well as a set of a mid-nineteenth century travel magazine.

This exhibition draws on the Rare Book Collection's strength in travel literature. We have a good collection in all branches of travel, capable of supporting advanced research.

Richard Overell,
Rare Books Librarian.

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