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Rare Books Exhibition

Early Australian History

6 April - 30 June 2000

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An historical journal of the transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island

To understand our past we must be aware of it. The Australiana section of the Monash Rare Book Collection allows researchers to approach more closely to the experience of our ancestors. We find there the accounts of the early discoverers, settlers and explorers. The conditions under which they lived and their response to Australia's native inhabitants can be understood much better if we read what they wrote.

The gold rushes, the traveller's accounts, the preoccupations of our forebears, such as the affair of the Tichborne Claimant, all take on an added dimension when we are able to re-live them in detail through the study of the contemporary texts.

We have on display most of the landmark Australiana volumes: Dampier's account, Captain Cook's three voyages, the First Fleet Journals, the key exploration accounts, as well as such natural history classics as Gould's Birds of Australia, Von Mueller's own specially illustrated set of Flora Australiensis, and a set of his educational specimens of Australian plants.

We have a fine collection of Australian material and all are encouraged to use it.

Richard Overell,
Rare Books Librarian.

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