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Rare Books Exhibition

The Restoration 1660-1700

1997 July - September

The exhibition includes original writings from the time and provides an insight into the politics and history of the era, including the amoral lifestyle of the court, the execution of Catholics during the Popish Plot scare and the 'glorious revolution', which saw the flight into exile of Charles's brother James II.

Virtual Exhibition

North, Roger, 1653-1734<br />(ed. [Montagu North])
<br /><em>Examen : or, an enquiry into the credit and veracity of a 
pretended complete history; shewing the perverse and wicked design of it, and 
the many falsities and abuses of truth contained in it : Together with some 
memoirs occasionally inserted : </em>
The books, pamphlets and caricatures of the period offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people from all levels of society. The popular enthusia sms and the major calamities such as the Great Plague are all features of the exhibition.

You may also read the text of the catalogue online.

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