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Rare Books Exhibition

Science Fiction Exhibition

1 September to 29 February 2000

There is a detailed catalogue available for $A10.00 within Australia and $U20.00 overseas.

Virtual Exhibition.  You may also read the text of the catalogue online.

This exhibition centres on two of the less-well known areas of the Monash Rare Book Collection: - a collection of American Science-fiction magazines from the 1920s to the 1960s; and our collection of comics.

Startling Stories. (Chicago : Better Publications, 1939-1955)
The science-fiction magazines carry such titles as Astounding, Startling, Amazing, Thrilling Wonder Stories etc., and their eye-catching covers ensure that they live up to expectations. As well as being key texts in the study of science-fiction as a genre, these publications also tell us much about the attitudes between the sexes; society's fears of otherness projected onto the concept of "the alien"; and, when we arrive in the 1950s, they throw an interesting side-light onto the cold war, showing among other things, Stalin's role in the proliferation of UFOs above America at that time.

From our comic collection we have extracted some of those with a science-fiction theme. These include such rarities as Buck Rogers (Australian edition) no. 1, and early runs of Captain Marvel and the Marvel comics spin-offs.

Also on display are a number of eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century novels and journals by writers such as Jonathan Swift, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and even Carter Brown (under a pseudonym).

Our collection is one of the best in Australia and is capable of supporting research at the highest level in this field of popular culture.

Richard Overell, Rare Books Librarian.

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