The Australian pictorial weekly : an illustrated newspaper. (Melbourne : Queensberry Hill Press, 1982)


This is a facsimile of an illustrated paper published in Melbourne in 1880, open at the issue for July 24. The engraving on the cover shows, “Sketch at the football match. Carlton v. Geelong. George Coulthard running with the ball.”

The accompanying article on Coulthard describes him as,

About twenty-four years of age, weighs about 12 stone, is 5 ft. 10 in. in height, of Victorian birth, and for physique as fine a specimen of a colonial as one could well wish to see. … For the last five years his name has been very prominent among footballers, and for playing the game in its most perfect style we would have much difficulty in finding his equal; he marks with certainty, and kicks “punt” or “drop” with admirable judgment and accuracy; is very dangerous when near his opponent’s goal, seeming rather to prefer acute angles. During last season he kicked twenty-one goals for the Carlton Club. … His fellow players show their confidence by always playing to him when possible. … His speciality is, undoubtedly, running with the ball; many are the runs he has made, warding off his opponents with his long muscular arms. This peculiar style of passing is really a treat to witness, and we may well say that Coulthard is unequalled at it, being a custom almost his own. (p. 52)

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