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Rare Books Exhibition

TCA : Twentieth Century Australia

14 June-12 October 2001

This exhibition has two streams. In one we are taken through Australia's history, decade by decade, from Federation to Y2K. In the other we are shown a series of clusters of material chosen to illustrate aspects of our lives; themes include, the family, food and wine, crime, sport, and sex.

The material on display ranges from ephemera such as pamphlets and election leaflets, to substantial public documents such as Billy Hughes's own copy of the Treaty of Versailles.

The collection of original water-colour sketches of life in Kew in the 1950s is typical of the graphic impact we have sought in putting this exhibition together. The screens contain copies of colour advertisements from the magazines of the period, and there are collections of novels in their original dust-wrappers, all of which are notable for their depiction of the Australian scene.

Illustration is from Atkinson's souvenir bridge book 
              (Sydney, 1934).

Illustration is from Atkinson's souvenir bridge book (Sydney, 1934).

The Monash Rare Book Collection can support research into most aspects of twentieth-century culture and the material on display represents only a fraction of our holdings.

This is an enjoyable exhibition which each of us can relate to. You are bound to recognise something. After all, we were all there!

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