Our collections align with the teaching and research undertaken by the faculties and research centres of Monash University.

The collection at every branch reflects the faculties present on each campus.

Resource discovery

We continue to enhance the ways increasingly diverse collections are found and used.

Search enables users to access the Library collection, e-journals, e-books, databases, web sites and repositories.

We are proud to maintain a number of special collections of national and international significance.

Specialist librarians provide advice to researchers and students.


The digital collections are derived from Monash researchers' material - collated as part of their research activities - and selected materials from the Library's special collections.

Digitisation not only makes these unique collections available to a global audience, it also ensures fragile physical items are preserved.

As a leading 21st century academic library, we prefer acquiring material in electronic form.

This maximises the value of our purchases by making them available to most of our users around the clock and around the world.

Building the collection

Monash University has been honoured with a very significant book donation from Hanban, a non-profit organisation affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The donation enriched the Library's holdings of Chinese language material and will greatly benefit both researchers and students.

We host a variety of exhibitions each year showcasing the breadth and quality of our collections.

Fragile and valuable materials from the Rare Books Collection are most often featured.


In Fairy Land exhibition of fairy tale books includes early street literature and simple Japanese crepe paper editions to lavish gift books illustrated by famous artists.