As a Monash student, you can access many Library resources and services online through the internet, and others through our libraries.

If you are studying online or off-campus, we provide particular services.

Students taking a course overseas offered by a local partner organisation with Monash may be eligible for offshore services.

Online tutorials

You can learn how to find and cite information correctly through self-paced online tutorials.

Teaching staff are the backbone of the University.

The Library strengthens your teaching and your students’ education in range of ways.

We work with you on request to help your students improve their academic skills, and ensure that the resources your students need are available when they need them.


Discover how academics and the Library are working together.

Researchers - the Library can be your partner in research.

We subscribe to over 1000 databases and more than 100,000 electronic journals so that you have access to these resources from your desk.

Our subject specialists are able to help you locate the most obscure documents in your field and our advice is available on data management and other critical topics.

Advancing knowledge

Monash University Publishing publishes scholarship of the highest standard, online and in print.

We offer adaptive technology rooms, for example, at most branches to students who have registered with the Disability Liaison Unit.

In these rooms computers are equipped with text-reading software and other programs.

Social inclusion

The Library is developing research and learning skills programs for students from a more diverse range of backgrounds.