Resources and activities

Throughout the year Library staff deliver resources and activities to develop students’ research and learning skills.
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From an academic

I used the citing and referencing tutorial in class with a group of students and I think it works very well live and with a group. It also prompts further questions from students, so lots of opportunities to explore all their concerns. And they have the URL so they can go back to it on their own if they wish. A really great resource.

Sheila Vance
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Resources and activities

Library staff are developing research and learning skills resources and activities based on the Research Skill Development (RSD) framework and aligned with the blended learning approach being adopted by Monash under the Digital Education Strategy.

The range of resources and activities are delivered

The sections on the left take you through each stage of working through a research and learning task, such as working on an assignment.

Other essential learning and teaching tools like Lectures online and reading lists, both managed by the Library, are being used increasingly at Monash. They provide teaching staff and students with features that allow interactive and collaborative discussion.

Language and Learning Online is part of a suite of websites which covers all aspects of academic skills.

Improve your academic performance

The Library can assist you to identify and develop information research and learning skills to improve your performance and progession through your studies.

Social inclusion

As a result of Monash University’s receipt of Federal Government funding through the Higher Education Participation Programme (HEPP), the Library is developing services and programs that focus on improving access, participation, retention and success for students from low socio-economic status (SES) backgrounds.

The social inclusion-related programs, whilst being led through a regional focus across Berwick and Peninsula, may also be implemented at other campuses. Contact Anita Dewi or Tracey Whyte to find out more.