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You as a learner

It's a good idea to find out about your readiness for off-campus learning, your learning style preferences and to develop your capabilities to deal with the difficulties which might occur along the way to achieve the best outcomes.

A test of readiness for off-campus learning

Take the opportunity to reflect on your ideas about off-campus study. The Student Online Readiness Tool Opens in a new window, developed by the University System of Georgia (USA), is an interactive quiz which assesses your computer skills, study habits, lifestyle, goals and learning preferences and gives you strategies on how to adapt to off-campus study. You can use this information to consider strategies you may need to hone and develop as you become an independent learner.

Make the most of your learning preferences and approaches

Have you given thought to your concentration and creativity peaks? Or your team role preferences? Or how you can improve your memory? You will find activities, examples and links to help you understand yourself better and apply that self-awareness to university learning at Learning inspirations.

Spending some time with Learning inspirations will be well worth it. The key premise here is that learning how to learn means you can expand your learning repertoire for more effective approaches to managing time, reading and notetaking, for example – through to thinking and problem solving and communication.

Do this early on and consider re-visiting the site at different stages in your learning journey.

Dealing with difficulties and developing new skills

Anticipate hurdles and challenges in your journey. Community Services self-help Opens in a new window resources provide some excellent guidance to help resolve difficulties such as procrastination, stress with examinations and motivation. There are resources for developing independent learning skills, as well as improving memory and concentration.

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