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Study skills

Browse the shelves at these numbers









Research methods

How to find information – search strategies

Basic study skills

University study skills

English language – grammar, reading comprehension

Academic writing

Writing guidelines by subjects

Public speaking

Look in the catalogue Opens in a new window using subjects such as these

Academic writing

Reading comprehension

Academic writing – handbooks, manuals etc

Report writing

Business presentations

Report writing – handbooks, manuals, etc

College student orientation

Stress management

Examinations – study guides

Study skills


Study skills – handbooks, manuals, etc

Public speaking

Time management

Use REFERENCE books for definitions and brief factual information

Back to the books

REF 378.945 VTA

Collins Australian dictionary & thesaurus

REF 423 C712C 2005

Cambridge Australian English style guide

REF 428.00994 PET

Publication manual of the APA

REF 808.06615 A512P 2001

Select from a range of VIDEOS and DVDS

Successful study skills

Video 371.30281 S942 1997

Taking notes, sitting exams and getting help

Video 378.170281 T136 1995

Tackling tertiary studies

Video 378.94 T118 1998

Essay writing made easy

Video 808.066 E78 1996

Public speaking with confidence

Video 808.51 P976 1993

Some useful books available from the Gippsland Library are listed below

Student guide to research in the digital age

025.524 S811S 2006

Learning support: a guide for mature students

370.1523 H838L 2006

Academic culture: a student's guide to studying at university

378.170281 B849A 2006

A guide to learning independently

378.170281 M368G 2006

Developing essential study skills

378.170281 P346D 2006

Groups work!: a guide for working in groups

378.1795 F786G 2006

Orientation to college learning

378.198 V218.O 2007

Baillie`re's study skills for nurses and midwives

610.73 M397B 2005

Students must write: a guide to better writing…

808.042 B269S 2005

Writing academic English

808.042 O82W 2006

How to write psychology research reports and essays

808.06615 F494H 2006

Writing guidelines for business students

808.06665 E53W 2005

Writing guidelines for science and applied science students

808.0666 E53W 2005

Check these WEBSITES

Requesting resources through the catalogue

If you want an item that's on the shelves (available) at another Monash campus or on loan to another patron, you can ask for it to be sent to your home campus so that you can borrow it in person. Off-campus students in Australia can receive postal loans. Follow the instructions on the following site to request resources through the catalogue Opens in a new window.

Other Victorian academic and TAFE libraries

All Monash University students may borrow from other Victorian academic and TAFE libraries through the CAVAL reciprocal borrowing scheme Opens in a new window. Items in high demand may not be available for loan. Understand that local libraries, even academic ones, may not stock books or journals relevant to your area of study.

Interstate Libraries

University Library Australia Opens in a new window is the national borrowing scheme for staff and students of Australia 's universities. These are the participating universities Opens in a new window. Borrowing arrangements e.g. the number of books you may borrow, are at the discretion of each individual university. Libraries may apply a registration fee.

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