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Where can I get help to avoid plagiarism?

mpower gameA few of you get together to talk about your next assignment. Each of you contributes equally to generate ideas and together develop a rough plan or approach. How do you write up your assignment?
Continue working together through the drafting and writing processes. The assignments you submit are quite similar and answer the question.
Continue to work collaboratively using and sharing the same sources, ideas, language and approaches to produce early drafts. You then finish writing your assignments separately.
At the rough draft stage, you share the ideas you've developed and help each other with any problems. You then work separately to finalise your assignments.

This question is often asked by students who are worried about inadvertently doing the wrong thing.

For those who would like to avoid inadvertent plagiarism, work through the resources and guidance supplied in the previous sections What is plagiarism?

Also check:

Support for dealing with the charge of plagiarism

Sometimes, students find that the originality of their work is questioned. Student Associations Opens in a new window and
Community Services Opens in a new window are both areas of the university which can support a student when their work is queried. You will also find a link to your faculty's resources Opens in a new window, including faculty policy.

The penalties that may be imposed for a charge of academic misconduct and avenues for appeal are outlined under University Statute 4.1: Discipline Opens in a new window.

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