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How can I stop falling behind?

Solutions to falling behind

Here are some of the most common reasons for students falling behind in off-campus learning. Click the highlighted text to for helpful advice.

  • They cannot recognise when to stop researching.
  • It may be that some people haven't allowed enough time for the thinking and reflection that is needed. Is this you?
  • Work and life obligations have genuinely made studying difficult or impossible.
  • It seems they've been doing this study thing for a long time and they're genuinely tired of opening the books and studying.

Some people have not yet clarified the point of view they will be pursuing in their assessment task. Is this you?

Work through Language and Learning Online resources for approaching essay writing to reacquaint yourself with such a process. Try something different to activate your focus on the assignment topic, such as different brainstorming techniques, and different thinking strategies. Check out the Assignment Builda tool in Language and Learning Online. Also, work through the expectations in your disciplinary area in writing in subject areas to gain an appreciation of the boundaries of your assignment topic.

Work through the Community Service self-help guides on Procrastination Opens in a new window, and tips and strategies on trouble getting started.

It is important to recognise when domestic and working aspects of your life will interfere with your study. If this is the case, advise your lecturer as early as possible and negotiate extensions.

It is also important to recognise when it will be impossible for you to maintain your studies. Make yourself aware of the university's withdrawal options. See [insert new link to one-stop-shop portal] for details and dates for this option.

Sometimes the study blues strike! Improve your ability to deal with this by being aware this will occur, that it happens to almost everyone. See Maintain the Effort for strategies for dealing with this.

If this happens to you, it is important to maintain your connections with others, with your reasons for study, and with whatever will continue to motivate you. It is also important to manage Opens in a new window and address stress.

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