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What can I discuss with my lecturer?

It depends - see below!


On the one hand, you are expected to develop independent learning skills, and part of this is learning how the university operates and which area can help you. This means you would direct your queries to appropriate areas of the university, such as your faculty Student Administration Opens in a new window, or the Off Campus Learning Centre. This is part of the 'learning the ropes' of tertiary study.

Difficulties with academic work

On the other hand, it may be that you are experiencing difficulties with your academic work. If you have checked your Unit Guide and read through the information and queries on MUSO Opens in a new window, and are still having difficulties with your academic work, you should take the initiative to make contact with your lecturer. Don't forget there is a range of Contact people who can help.

Or you may have problems with your assignment question or a query about your result. These are also appropriate queries for your lecturer. Your Unit Guide will advise what you can expect to discuss with your lecturer. Your subject MUSO site will also provide details concerning contact with your lecturer.

How lecturers might help

Remember that your lecturer is there to guide you to develop independent thought and critical thinking, not to memorise facts. This means that academic staff put a lot of effort into the information in the Unit Guide and resources on MUSO, but they won't always tell you what to write in an assignment. Instead they may guide your approach to the task with questions, rather than simple answers; they may suggest where you should go to find the answers for yourself, rather than giving you quick answers.

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