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Can I ask my lecturer to have a look at a draft?

In fairness - no

You could always ask but, in the main, your lecturer will not be able to give you feedback on a draft of your work. Part of the reason is fairness - they would not have the time to look at drafts for all students and it would be unfair to give you extra help with assessable tasks.

Strategies to try

Here are a range of strategies you could try instead.

  • Discuss your draft and ideas with a fellow student to clarify your ideas.
  • Take note of feedback on previous assignments.
  • Seek guidance from the advice and checklists in Language and Learning Online and Community Services self-help resources Opens in a new window on those aspects of your assignment preparation that need work.
  • Arrange a consultation with learning support staff.
  • Share a paragraph of your work with your study group for comment - bearing in mind the risk of inadvertently copying from each other.
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