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How do I format my assignments?

Refer to the specifics of your discipline by looking through your subject's Unit Guide. However, here are the basics:

  • Use size 12 font
  • Use times roman, normal font
  • Use at least 1.5 line spacing and double that between paragraphs- there is, therefore, no need to indent your paragraphs
  • Bold your size 12 font headings
  • Provide page numbers in the footer
  • Provide at least your student ID number in the header or footer
  • Provide a title page
  • In some disciplines, your lecturers will also prefer you to type the assignment title at the top of the first page
  • Provide a list of references on a separate page at the back of your assignment but before appendices.

If you would like a copy of WordTricks, a guide to inserting page numbers, line spacing, indenting, and so on, and a sample assignment format, send a request to

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