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Anderson, J and Poole, M, 1994, Thesis and assignment writing, John Wiley and Sons, Brisbane
Anderson, PV, 1998, Technical communication: A reader-centred approach, 4th edn, College Publishers, Fort Worth, TX, USA.
Atkins, R, 1997, Artspeak, Abbeville Press, New York.
Barnet, S, 2005, A short guide to writing about Art, Pearson/Longman, New York.
Becker, L, 2004, How to manage your distance and open learning course, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.
Boeckner, K and Brown, PC , 1993, Oxford English for Computing, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Boyer, S, 2000, Understanding everyday Australian: A focus on spoken language with language reviews, exercises and answers, Boyer Educational Resources, Glenbrook, NSW.
Campbell, D, Bordi Cignetti, P, Melenyzer, B, Nettles, D and Wyman, R, 2004, How to develop a professional portfolio: a manual for teachers, 3rd edn, Pearson Education, Boston.
Comfort, J, 1996, Effective presentations, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Cottrell, S, 2003, The study skills handbook, Palgrave MacMillan, Hampshire.
Crosling, G and Murphy, H, 2000, How to study business law, 3rd edn, Butterworths-LexisNexis, Sydney
Crosling, G, Murphy, H and Cotesta, PV, 1998, Writing for Accounting students, Butterworths, Sydney.
Crosling, G.Murphy, H. Cotesta, PV and Sands, 2005, Writing and presenting in Accounting, 2nd edn, Nexus Lexus Butterworths, Chatswood, NSW.
Drury, H, 1997, How to write a laboratory report, Learning Centre: University of Sydney: Sydney
Dudley-Evans, T, 1985, Writing laboratory reports, Thomas Nelson Australia, Melbourne.
Ellis, D, 1997, Becoming a master student, 8th edn, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston.
Evans, D and Gruba, P, 2002, How to write a better thesis, 2nd edn, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.
Findlay, B, 2006, How to write Psychology research reports and essays, 4th edn, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, Australia.
Glatthorn, AA, 1998, Writing the winning dissertation, Corwin Press (Sage), Thousand Oaks, California.
Hajncl, L, 2002, What's my line? Telephone tasks and activities for ESL, Ames Research and Learning Innovation, Melbourne.
Hirsh, EP, 1996, Writing about Art, Longman Australia, Melbourne.
Hudson, S and Noonan-Morrissey, N, 2002, The art of writing about Art, Harcourt, Orlando.
Kimberley, N. and Crosling, G, , Student Q manual, Q Manual (Faculty of Business and Economics)
Loughran, J, 1996, Developing reflective practice: learning about teaching and learning through modelling, Routledge Falmer Press, London.
Macqueen, C, 1998, Getting ahead in tertiary study: a practical guide for business, social science and arts students, UNSW Press, Sydney.
Marshall, L and Rowland, F, 2006, A guide to learning independently, 4th edn, Pearson Education, Frenchs Forest, NSW.
Murphy, R, 2004, English grammar in use, 3rd edn., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Northedge, A, 1990, The good study guide, The Open University, Milton Keynes.
O'Shea, RP, 2002, Writing for Psychology, 4th edn, Harcourt Brace and Co., South Melbourne, Thomson Learning Australia.
Orr, F, 1988, How to succeed at part-time study, Unwin Paperbacks.
Percy, D, 1989, Adult study tactics, Macmillian Education Australia, South Melbourne.
Race, P, 2003, How to study, Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA.
Silyn-Roberts, H, 2002, Writing for Science: A practical handbook for science, engineering and technology students, 2nd edn, Addison Wesley, Longman, NZ.
Squires, G, 2002, Managing your learning, Routledge, London.
Summers, J and Smith, B, 2004, Communication skills handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication, John Wiley and Sons, Australia.
Weiss, EH, 1990, 100 writing remedies: practical exercises for technical writing, Prentice Hall Regents.
Weissberg, R and Buker, S, 1994, Writing up research: experimental research report writing for students of English, National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW.
Williams, T, 1990, From life to learning, Oryx Press, Phoenix, Arizona.
Zawadzki, H, 2004, In tempo: an English pronunciation course, Springer-Verlag, London.
Zobel, J, , Writing for computer science, 2nd edn,

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