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Build thinking and writing skills

Build thinking and writing skills
Build thinking and writing skills

In your thesis writing process thinking and writing are inextricably bound.

You develop your ideas and your arguments through writing.

Starting to write your thoughts helps you to develop your thinking and your argument. And as you construct your written argument, and clarify your thinking, your writing skills develop too. Be prepared to draft and redraft your work as you gain clarity and precision in your thinking and your writing

The thesis writing process is a developmental and creative, and with commitment, time and focus you will grow intellectually and improve your writing skill. Additionally, engaging with writing in your discipline is a part of the process of taking up your position within the research community and creating your professional identity.

In order to demonstrate the need for your proposed research and its significance, you will show how your work fits into the current thinking and research in the field. This may involve managing a large volume of reading, so skilful reading is very important.

The essential feature of your thesis is the argument that answers the research question. You will combine your thinking, writing and reading in generating your argument. This main idea has to be built from lots of related parts, sequentially developed and clearly presented taking into account academic writing conventions and using an appropriate academic writing style.

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