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Skilful reading

What should I read and how should I manage the information from my reading?

Reading in and around your main topic will inform you about the current work in the area, relevant research and appropriate ways of investigating, thinking and writing in your discipline.

Allow yourself to read beyond your immediate area of interest. In developing your conceptual thinking for your study, you will need to expose yourself to lots of different and challenging thoughts and ideas. Through the course of candidature you will read lots of books and articles, and it will be useful to have some strategies for managing these large quantities of reading material.

The literature you review will become a springboard for your own work. You will need to understand and discuss previous work in order to situate your work and be able to demonstrate its place within the discipline and its unique quality. You will distinguish your work from what has been accomplished in the past and demonstrate how it contributes in a relevant way to the field. In order to appreciate the literature and the robust quality of research publications, and see how people reach agreement or disagreement with other people's work, you will need to develop your ability to discern by reading critically. For recall and reference you need to take useful notes.

Make your reading smart, critical and goal-directed

In this way you will acquire a sound appreciation of the area surrounding your topic and the major theorists and practitioners in the area.

Enjoy the exploration into different texts, engaging with reading in areas that are meaningful, and gaining new insights and increased knowledge.

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