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What methods will you use?

Some points to consider:


Constrained by realities, you will need to design a research project that is feasible. Therefore you will take into account a number of factors such as the scope of the project, the time needed for an investigation, available funds and equipment, personnel, ethical considerations and access to participants or samples.


Your research discipline, whether in Science, Social Science or Humanities, will largely determine the appropriateness of the methods of investigation and the choices available to you. Whatever research paradigm you engage and the consequent research methods you use for your study, you will want to make sure that they are suited to the nature of the investigation and the kind of data you would like to gather.

Validity, reliability, trustworthiness

You will need to determine a process that is ethical, transparent and meets critical research criteria such as reliability, validity and trustworthiness.

Robust research

Through following a carefully defined and legitimate research process, you ensure that your research is robust, can be replicated, and can produce significant results.

It is essential to be familiar with research paradigms, methodologies and methods in your discipline, such as data collection processes, experimental procedures, and data analysis techniques. If you don't feel adequately skilled in any of these areas you may like to look for some additional courses, workshops, (such as statistics, creating a questionnaire or doing an interview) or study some relevant texts on research methods.There are many and your supervisor may be able to identify some that are particularly pertinent to your study or your discipline area.

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