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Talk to your supervisors

As you undertake your journey along this exciting and creative degree path, you will be accompanied by a guide, your supervisor (or supervisors). Over the duration of candidature, your supervisor may take on a number of roles and personae, from expert and teacher, to facilitator, critical friend and confidant.

Communication is the foundation for a good relationship with your supervisor.

You will not be able to get clarification, ask a question or have a worthwhile discussion with your supervisor if you have not established a comfortable rapport.

It is a hierarchical relationship, and therefore you could legitimately feel that your supervisor should be the one to initiate communication, put you at ease and be the good communicator. This is not always the case. Your supervisor may have considerable expertise and knowledge that can guide you and your project, but he or she may not have good interpersonal skills. If that is the case you may need to be proactive in taking responsibility for establishing a comfortable interaction with your supervisor. It is helpful to look for some ways to create a good working relationship with your supervisor at the start of candidature by establishing expectations and responsibilities, and ensuring that you get good feedback.

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