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Discuss your research

Talk about your thesis

Through your research degree you are learning to become an academic authority.

Managing Academic uncertainty

Often research degree students, even competent senior professionals, are uncertain about their academic competence, and about whether their research work is of a high enough level to qualify for the degree. You may feel competent in a range of areas and have a number of academic accomplishments, yet you may feel uncertain about this research project and the academic quality of your work. This is very common.

Talking about your research is one avenue that can help you to overcome this anxiety.

Look for opportunities to present your work formally and informally and to discuss your research in different ways to different audiences, both specialist and those who do not have any understanding of your substantive content or even your discipline.

Discuss your research with family and friends. In presenting your work to non-specialists, you will have to be able to simplify and clarify what you are doing. This can be a useful exercise that will test how well you understand your project. Often a non-specialist can identify gaps in your logic and help you see your project more clearly.

Attend suitable conferences. You will meet others in your discipline, gain opportunities to network, and hear about current work and thinking in your discipline.

Give presentations at department seminars and conferences to show your work, to gain additional insights and refine your work with these critiques.

Use every opportunity to talk about your research and your confidence with your project material will improve, as will your actual presentation skills.

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