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Present a formal seminar

Advantages of Presenting your Work

A presentation

  • forces you to structure your research work
  • forces you to evaluate it
  • enables you to identify and then remedy flaws in your argument
  • enables you to identify new ways forward
  • enables you to get feedback from others

A Formal Seminar

Some features to consider when you plan to present your work :

  • Plan the content: ensure that it is:
    • interesting
    • informative
    • accessible
    • appropriate for the anticipated audience in terms of complexity and length
  • Structure the presentation to include :
    • introduction
    • main section and
    • conclusion
  • Develop your Presentation skills
    • voice projection / modulation/ speed
    • Practise before you present formally - alone, or with family, friends - you may even like to get feedback from colleagues and your supervisor
    • Check out the Oral Presentations section in Language and Learning Online
  • Develop good Visual aids
    • Visual aids must contribute to the clarity of you talk and not distract. They must not be too wordy and there should not be too many. Keep each Powerpoint screen neat and concise with summary points. Ensure that they are visually pleasing and easy to read.
  • Check all technology and equipment in advance!
  • Check for errors in your material!
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