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Track your Path

The research process is long, often exhilarating and exciting as new learning unfolds. Some of the work and some phases may prove arduous. There are no exams, no assignments, so you have to track your own progress against your objectives and the milestones you have defined. Value each small accomplishment on your road to successful completion.

Remember, you are the manager of this project. Identify each stage of progress in your degree path and reward yourself for completing each stage, so that you're constantly aware of the strides you make in your climb to the top of the thesis mountain.

Look at the thesis tracker - it will help you to measure where you are in the higher degree process, to gauge how much you've achieved, and to keep up your momentum as you progress through the next stage.


The thesis tracker is an interactive program which allows you to assess the progress of your thesis and which provides information on the various crucial stages of your climb up the thesis mountain.

Tracka is available only to students of Monash University; you will need your Authcate Username and Password to access the Tracka system.

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