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Your learning background

By now you already have a number of significant academic accomplishments. You have acquired vast quantities of specialised knowledge, and you have developed an understanding of your discipline and presumably of some of the area you are researching for your degree.

Identify and highlight for yourself the important learning and academic strengths that you bring to your new degree path. This experience and learning is valuable and unique.

Firstly, understand your learning background and appreciate your particular strengths and knowledge base. These are your best resources to guide your path.

Now, look at the proposed area of your study and assess whether your prior learning is adequate or whether there are areas of the substantive material, important related content or contexts, the conceptual, theoretical material, research methodology, data analysis techniques, statistics, computing skills, programs and the like that you may need to master before undertaking the research tasks.

Start well equipped! Look for courses, online material, seminars, books, peer networks, etc, to supplement any of the areas you have defined. Remember though, target this additional knowledge acquisition strategically, and not as a distraction from the main research task!

Integrate your past studies and accomplishments together with the present academic research degree requirements

For your research degree, you are expected to demonstrate critical thinking, to evaluate work and ideas in your discipline and ultimately to present as an authority. Academic writing in English requires a direct approach. Work should be presented in a clear, logical manner. Look at the sections in this site on building thinking and writing skills.

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