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Your learning style

Research has found that doctoral students vary in the extent to which they are dependent or independent in relation to their studies. As students progress through candidature, they often transfer dependence from their supervisor onto their work.

Determine for yourself how dependent or independent you feel in your learning process for this degree.

This will affect your supervision and influence your interaction with your supervisor.

  • The supervisory process is a delicate balance between dependence and independence.
  • Frequently students report shifting from feelings of academic competence to feelings of uncertainty and academic insecurity.
  • It may be comforting to know that this is normal and common for students. However, keep in mind, the goal of the research process is to become an independent researcher and an authority in your substantive area.

Therefore, one of the aims of your higher degree process is to accept increasing responsibility for your learning, your progress and the quality of your work.

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