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Getting started

While you are engaged in a research degree, your focus will obviously be on completing your thesis. Publication awards opens in a new window may be available after completion, but there is no reason not to look at publishing parts of your work during your candidature. The reality is, also, that very few Masters or PhD theses will be immediately publishable as a 'book'. Thus, to publish you will need to select parts of your research that can stand alone, or even find 'spin-offs' from your main research.

If you want to publish, but you are not sure what you can contribute, you can try some of these ways to 'get inspired':

  • attend conferences or departmental seminars
  • consider non-refereed publication (book reviews, review articles)
  • look for a call for papers in your field online
  • meet with colleagues to discuss research possibilities
  • join, or create a journal reading group (this is a good way to keep up with research being published in your field)
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