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Once you have an article ready to submit and have selected a journal to try, the submission process is as simple as finding the contact details for the journal and following their 'submission guidelines'. In some cases you may be asked to send an abstract or proposal before sending the full article - in other cases you will be asked to send the whole article.

You must be careful at this stage to read and follow the journal's submission guidelines carefully. Reputable journals give specific instructions on referencing style, formatting (some journals have document templates setting out title and subtitle conventions, paragraph style, and font size and style) and the submission process. For most journals today, submission will be electronic, but some journals will require hardcopy.

A short paragraph (150 - 300 words usually) describing the article, the research conducted and the outcomes or findings presented.

The same as an abstract.

Some journals have 'house' styles which are variations, or adaptations of more common referencing systems and styles. Be prepared to make adjustments in your referencing style to suit the journal you wish to be published in, and when the journal indicates they prefer a recognised style, such as MLA, or APA, then you must go to the official referencing guide and follow it exactly.

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