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Revising and resubmitting

If your article is accepted, but the reviewers have asked that revisions be made prior to publication, then your first task is to read their comments closely. If you are unclear about what you need to do to revise the article, then you could approach the editor, or managing editor for clarification. You could also ask a more senior colleague or supervisor to help you understand what is required. Do not try to contact the reviewers directly. Once you have made changes, you will resend the article. It can be helpful to send a short statement along with this explaining or summarising the changes you have made. In some cases your revised article will be 'reviewed' again, but often the editor of the journal will determine whether you have responded sufficiently to the referees' requests.

Once accepted (finally) there may still be a number of steps you need to follow to prepare the final manuscript for publication. Some journals will 'copy edit' your article, but most will expect you to do this. This means you must check through your text yourself looking for grammatical, referencing and other stylistic problems. Once you have sent a final version of the article, the editors will prepare the text for publication: this will usually involve changing the file format from a 'word' or 'text' document to a web or publishing format.

Sometimes in preparing manuscripts for publication, sentences can be lost, or misprinted, words can be misspelled, or commas dropped, changing the meaning of your words. It is important to check the proof carefully. A 'proof' is a draft, or 'mock' version of the publication - many journals will send you a 'proof' of your article for final checking before they commit the journal to print, or put it up on the web. This is your last opportunity to correct any small errors.

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