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Writing for publication

Whatever your field, turning your research into publications is a vital academic enterprise. Academic careers are built on the foundation of regular and substantial publication. Making publication a habit from the commencement of your research degree is a good idea, especially if you think you want to pursue an academic career.

More importantly, debate and discussion in a field takes place largely through publications. New ideas, questions, methods and practises emerge from the dissemination of research. Scholarly quality and academic standards are also maintained through the 'review' or 'refereeing' process, which is an integral part of academic publishing.

In short, to develop as a researcher or to create a research profile for yourself as an academic, you need to subject your research ideas to the testing and scrutiny of your peers and experts in your field.

A research profile means a reputation in a particular field. When you publish regularly in a field or on a particular topic, you become recognised as an expert.

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