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Indicating your own position

There are a number of ways of indicating your position in relation to previous research.

See Write with authority

The following is a sample of the kinds of evaluative expressions which may be used to indicate your own views of the authors' work you cite.

The research:
disregarded X has been limited to X
neglected to consider X overestimated X
overlooked X suffered from X
has taken no account of X requires excessive amounts of (time/storage, etc)

Think about which of the following adjectives have you seen used in your discipline - and in what way? Some may have positive OR negative connotations depending on the discipline and what it values.

incomplete robust
efficient inconclusive
questionable unsatisfactory
useful comprehensive
simple complex
reliable over-simplified
too general cumbersome

You can expand your repertoire of evaluative expressions by reading articles or other theses attentively.

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