Your AuthCate username and password are used together as a key to access many services at Monash University. You will obtain your AuthCate details when you register for a computer account. You will need your Monash ID number, so you need to be enrolled, or have received a letter of offer.

Monash ITS

Disability Liaison Unit (DLU)

Monash University is committed to promoting access and equity for students who have a disability or long term medical condition. Services provided aim to enable students to fulfill the inherent requirements of their award courses as independently as possible.



Frequently Asked Questions. A body of information we have collected to help students like yourself, presented ina question and answer format.

Learning styles

The notion of a learning style is a way of conceptualising how a person takes in, processes, understands and remembers information and stimuli. There are various learning style models and theories in the literature. Learning style preferences can provide insights into one's way of thinking, learning and doing.


Monash University Studies Online. MUSO is a web-based course management system that allows students to access information and assessment tasks related to units that they are studying at Monash. While not all units at Monash offer a MUSO component, it is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of delivery and accessibility to students. Please check with your lecturer or unit coordinator to find out if MUSO is being offered for each particular unit.

Information such as lecture notes, important announcements, useful links, assignments, grades and unit outlines can all be made available on MUSO. Assessment tasks can be administered in the form of online quizzes and communication can be facilitated with the MUSO Discussion tool.

MUSO Support


Off Campus Learning Centre. OCLC delivers flexible learning material and support services to off campus students.

Student Equity Unit - Equity & Diversity

Student Equity assists the University to provide a learning environment which is open to the perspectives and experiences of individuals and groups from different backgrounds and which is supportive of all students.

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