Be strategic

It is useful to consider what place off-campus learning will have in your life and how it will be accommodated. You will need to be strategic with this.

Some people will determine the bare minimum needed to get through their course. They will, for example, focus intensively on their assignments a few days before they are due. Others will build in their awareness that it will take them some time to absorb and think about their materials and responses. So, they plan longer lead times based around their assignment due dates.

Experience shows that, in general, the more strategic the effort, the better the marks.

No one correct way of doing things

The tertiary environment you have chosen for your learning journey requires the capacity to move between what is known and understood and what is challenged and disputed. Some things will be givens – referencing styles, for example. Others will need improvisation – what you think is the best way to present your argument.

There is often no one correct way of doing things and this means uncertainty. Give yourself time to learn to be a student. Allow yourself to make mistakes and try to view everything that happens along the way as an opportunity to learn.