Independent learning approaches

Be active. Be involved. Be creative.

Beginning your university experience is a lot like arriving in a foreign country. There will be a range of challenges: some expected – you know you'll be juggling your study with your normal work and family commitments, and some unexpected – you'll need to learn new kinds of academic language and the conventions of your disciplines.

The skills of independent learning at university level are not fixed. University study involves learning to adapt to different academic contexts. To succeed you will need to develop skills in analysing and understanding how to express your ideas within the cultures of the academic disciplines in which you are studying. By becoming aware of the process as well as the content you will be developing skills that can be applied to other areas of your life.

Studying off-campus requires the development and consolidation of independent learning skills. This means recognising that you can learn how to learn, taking responsibility for your own learning and finding approaches that work for you.

Exploring Learning Inspirations may give you insights into your own learning approaches. You can try out the suggestions on how to build on your learning strengths in Expand your learning techniques.

Find out about you as a learner to learn new ways of doing things, to consolidate what you're already familiar with, and to re-engineer your capabilities.

Find your bearings

You can draw on a range of learning resources to make sense of what is required for academic success.

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