Organise your study

Off-campus study is flexible learning at its best. You choose when and where to study. You might like to focus on redeveloping your time management skills as you manage your study commitments during the semester and improve your approaches to study. Learning will take time and effort which means juggling family, work, personal life and study. Prepare for multiple due dates and the possibility of falling behind as delays can be unavoidable.

Organising yourself for off-campus learning is essential so that you can:

Make use of university resources

Don't forget there is a range of contact people who can help.

  • Learning support for research students includes resources on Setting up for your journey which are just as applicable to all off-campus learners.
  • Consider recommended resources for adapting to university and off-campus study.
  • Stay connected.
    • Check your subject MUSO Opens in a new window site each week to keep up with ongoing discussion regarding your course content.
  • Use the Community Services self-help resources Opens in a new window which include independent learning skills, dealing with stress, passing examinations, and general well-being.

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