Postgraduate learning

Your approach to postgraduate coursework

Both undergraduates and postgraduates undertake coursework. There are similar aims and objectives in assessment: taking a position in assignments; supporting that position with a breadth of reading and research; demonstrating engagement with the topic and subject. For postgraduates, however, critique becomes even more relevant.

You may consider examining your approach to your studies and the differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Your approach to postgraduate research

If you are doing a postgraduate degree by research your learning is well-supported with the Learning Support for research students.

Guiding you through each stage of your research journey, from the set-up through to writing for publication, this resource also helps you develop your thinking, writing and communication skills to 'climb the thesis mountain'. One great feature is the thesis tracker, an interactive program that allows you to assess the progress of your thesis and to guide you through each crucial stage of your 'climb'.

You can find learning resources for writing literature reviews in Language and Learning Online.

Try our recommended resources that you can borrow from the Library including digitised sample chapters about thesis preparation.