University assessment focuses not so much on what you know but on how well you can express the ideas you have developed by engaging in the learning process. Develop your awareness of how you can write more clearly to ensure you convey to your reader what you want them to understand.

Grammar and assessment

Some people are advised to improve their written grammar. This is an important issue for both local and international students. You may notice that 'grammar' is often part of your assessment criteria. For example, in this extract from Education Faculty assessment criteria, the difference between a Credit and Pass is in terms of the accuracy of presentation, which includes grammar.

Grammar and assessment
Grade Pass Credit
Criteria for presentation Adequate punctuation, spelling, grammar and referencing Accurate punctuation, spelling, grammar and referencing

Your reader's understanding

In this case, the presentation elements are worth around 10% of the final mark. You cannot, in this case, fail your assignment if your grammar, by itself, is poor. But to pass, your expression has to be clear enough for reader to understand what you are trying to convey.

Working on your grammar will certainly help increase the chances that your reader will understand what you are writing.

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