Contact people

Off-campus learning can be quite a solitary experience, so your contact people are essential to the success of your learning journey. Paradoxically, it is by taking advantage of the support available that you can develop your capacities as an independent learner and thus improve your academic outcomes. Your contacts are almost as important to the success of your learning journey as your ability to develop independent learning capabilities and to improve your academic outcomes.

Maintain the link

Life happens. Students face sickness, life events that overwhelm them, problems with motivation, frustration with new material, problems with student rights, and re-orienting themselves to a university that seems in continuous change. Things change all the time, which is why you should stay in contact. Recall your first point-of-contact is your course coordinator.

Keep up-to-date

Your circumstances will change: new subjects, new lecturers, new levels of study. Check the information Learning support available, as well as university support services who are committed to making these transitions possible. Your lecturers are also there to support your learning journey.

Keep a record

Keep track of your contacts with the university. This will provide an on-going reference for you in terms of helpful support and advice as well as provide a record for you to refer to if you need to.