Learning Support

The Library's learning skills advisersOpens in a new window support student learning. Check the Library website for information on learning skills supportOpens in a new window for students.

You can ask for a learning consultation - bear in mind, though, that availability is limited.

Make use of language and learning resources

Learning Support also provides a range of excellent online resources. Check Language and Learning Online for a range of online tutorials and printable handouts to help you improve your academic performance. This site includes samples of student writing in different subject areas, advice from lecturers, and caters for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

There is also a link to the Learning Support classes held on campus, which you can attend, if you can get to them.

Keep track of the announcements on your subject MUSO site advising of specific assignment preparation resources prepared in collaboration with your lecturer.

Check the Learning inspirations website for a great range of resources dealing with the issue of how you learn and expanding your learning techniques to use them to your best advantage.

Research students are well-catered for with a site for Research students. Guiding you through each stage of your research journey, from the set-up through to writing for publication, this site also helps you develop your thinking, writing and communication skills to climb the thesis mountain.