How do I cite a non-book reference correctly?

Referencing styles differ

This will depend on the referencing style recommended by different faculties and disciplines.

The Library citation website Opens in a new window provides a clear guide to the referencing styles recommended by Monash university faculty, school or departments, along with plenty of examples. You should also look through your faculty student resources website.

When you can't find an example of how to cite a source…

Students are often faced with citing sources which don't appear in their discipline guidelines. If this is the case, you could look through the examples provided in other referencing methods such as the Student Q Manual Opens in a new window or the School of Nursing and Midwifery Referencing Guidelines Opens in a new window (PDF 134 KB) and transfer the basic information into the recommended citation format.

Further options

However, if you cannot find an example of the type of reference you wish to use, then here are some options.

  • Check the Library's guide to the more unusual items.
  • You can also ask make an online enquiry Opens in a new window with the Library or Ask Monash Opens in a new window.
  • Try a Google search: for example, if you were trying to work out how to cite a translation, type in 'citing a translation' and limit the search to a domain of 'edu' to be sure you're using a university standard.

Citing web sites

Citing websites can be another area of confusion. For guidance on citing internet and electronic sources try QuickRefs on Referencing internet and electronic sources.