How can I improve my approaches to study?

Awareness of self, daily commitments and nature of off campus learning: these aspects of your life will intersect for your study during the semester.

  • Be aware of your self and how you might develop your personal capabilities.
  • Be aware of what is happening overall in terms of competing obligations. You probably have well-honed time management skills but it may be useful draw up a calendar of events to keep track of personal, family and work obligations, along with your important study dates. Work through the resources for planning your time and organising your study spaceand establishing a task-oriented approach which may be useful given the off-campus learning juggle. Consider the potential utility of time planning and organisational software, such as Gantt charts for studying over the long haul.
  • Be aware of the nature of off-campus study .

Make use of university resources

Consider what will work for you. Check these university resources.

  • Setting up for your journey: Learning support for research students includes resources which are just as applicable to all off-campus learners.
  • To help your adaption to the university environment and off-campus study, look to other peoples' experiences and the stories on the Off-Campus Students' Association website.
  • Consider our recommended resources for adapting to university and off-campus study.
  • Stay connected to:
    • your subject MUSO site for ongoing discussion regarding your course content
    • the iDEas email list for ongoing tips for handling your study and share your own experiences with others experiencing the same issues.
  • Use the Community Services self-help resources Opens in a new window including independent learning skills, dealing with stress, passing examinations, and general well-being.